Our Approach

We believe each client is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all formula for excellent branding. We work with each client to develop custom design solutions that are thoughtfully conceived and beautifully crafted.  With a focus on all-encompassing, 360˚ branding, we optimize the customer experience to help businesses flourish.  

01/ Discover

First, we learn about you. Whether you elect to partake in a full branding workshop, or simply catch up for coffee and a detailed discussion, we want to know everything about your business. We’ll identify your goals and vision, your target market, and your unique brand attributes and personality. 

02/ Research

The next phase is research, research, research. We do a deep dive into your industry to learn about the space in which your business lives. We then conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis, to establish where you sit (or where you want to sit) in comparison.

03/ Ideate

We then brainstorm, gather inspiration, and create mood boards for your brand or project. We explore ideas and conceptualize a fresh approach to the brief. In this phase of creative development, we establish colour palettes, put together font sets, craft supporting graphics, and develop a plan for the visual story.  

04/ Design

Then the magic happens. All our research and groundwork comes together into a meaningful, considered and innovative design. Whether it’s a logo, a beautiful coffee-table book, your next ad campaign, or a brand new website design, the end product will set you apart and effectively connect with your audience. 

05/ Implement

Once we have built the brand identity – a visual language consisting of a font hierarchy, colour palette, graphic style, tone-of-voice – we roll out that brand ‘personality’ across all touch-points of your business (business cards, signage, menus, publications, advertisements, stickers, website, social media etc.)

SPRBLM Brand Exploration

Logo Design
Brand Definition
Colour palette
Icon Design
Type Styles
Graphic Style
Website Design

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